I consider myself a fine arts photographer who shoots weddings, this is because I focus more on the story than just capturing random or sporadic frames. Each moment of a wedding day represents the culmination of everything happening in that single instance, my job is to cease those moments indefinitely in the most artistic way possible. I started out as a fine arts photographer before I discovered wedding photography, so my mind is always operating along the narrative of extrapolating the best emotional resonance I can from each scene or click. Yes, it is your wedding day and mine too because your wedding is personal to me.  You’d have endowed me with the task of preserving moments of possibly the most important day of your life, such a task I do not take lightly. Oh, did I mention I’m a fun guy? Yes! I sing for my clients and crack corny jokes and trust me they never work, lol! I guess that’s actually what makes them work, the fact that they don’t

Ok let’s get back on track. Amidst scenic beauty of this beautiful country, Nigeria hits the right chord when it comes to photography, especially for your big day! So for all of those who are planning a destination wedding in Nigeria and wish to make the most out of the photographs, here are a few tips and suggestions that might help:

Feel free to ask me about my wedding packages. I’m sure you can get a package that suits your budget Every one of my Wedding clients has inspired me to do the very thing I do Best- capture and create. And I want to capture your story, because it deserves to be known and celebrated! I’ve grown to know this about myself when it comes to photography: my favorite style is a blend of documentary & journalism… the kind that takes you back and makes you feel apart of the moment the photo was actually captured in. The type that TELLS A STORY… your story. I love capturing the type of images that really capture YOU, because every love story and person is unique and beautifully made. And I want to be your friend while I capture these kind of images for you. This is not about getting the perfect instagram photo or editing the heck out of the images or the perfect pose, this is about you and your love. I am here to serve you in this way. In fact, I LIVE for it. I’m a little biased, but I think that means that I actually have the BEST job on earth

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